2020 End of Year Message

posted by Nicholas Tan on 2020-12-31

Dear Pilots & Members of the Infinite Flight Community,

2020 has been a very divisive year, be it physically, socially or politically, one cannot deny the impact 2020 has had for us all. While many of us has seen 2020 as a year to forget, and understandably so, the staff at Malaysia Airlines Virtual would like to take a moment to reflect on the brighter side of things as 2020 comes to a close and 2021 allows us to turn a fresh page.

To start things off, 2020 saw the beginning of Malaysia Airlines Virtual. On the 24th of June, Malaysia Airlines Virtual was officially listed as an IFVARB sanctioned Virtual Airline, and with it, non-stop growth has ensued. From the humble beginnings of just a few casual Infinite Flight players to a fully fledged Virtual Airline on the community front, Malaysia Airlines Virtual has come a long way from just being a mere hobby for a couple players. To have since flown more than 16,000 hours in the skies under the Malaysia Airlines Virtual callsign to having over 70 pilots who have come and gone, we are proud to have made such rapid progress in just the last 6 months of operations.

Along the way Malaysia Airlines Virtual has had the pleasure to host several members of staff. All of which we will be eternally grateful for, given their efforts has allowed Malaysia Airlines Virtual a position in the community unlike others. However, and rather unfortunately, along the way we have had to bid farewell to several members of staff due to other ongoing committments. In doing so, we would like to wish them nothing short of the best in any and all future endeavours.

Through our position on the community, we've also had the luxury of partnering with many other Virtual Airlines. Including a special joint-venture with Singapore Airlines Virtual, with the addition of historic routes which date as far back as 1940. In doing so we would like to also express our gratitude to the staff os Singapore Airlines Virtual, as well as all other Virtual Airlines we are partnered with. Our position on the community can easily be credited to your involvement in our partnerships.

Looking forwards to 2021 and beyond, we cannot see anything stopping the members of staff from vehemently attempting to grow Malaysia Airlines Virtual in ways we've never thought possible; from forging new links and partnerships with other Virtual Airlines to actively engaging on the community scene through events and fly-outs, we hope that the greener pastures of 2021 can be a host to a better environment for us to thrive. And though many of us see 2020 as a year to forget given recent circumstances, Malaysia Airlines Virtual would see 2020 as our breakout year, and a year never to forget.

While there isn't much more to harp on, we'd like to end this on a message from our CEO, @TheAviationGallery, which can be found in the original MHVA thread as well.

When I first joined the community in 2018, it has always been my dream to start up a virtual airline of my own. Shortly after joining the community, I originally started up a virtual organization named “Infinite Flight Alliance”, but however, due to in real life priorities, I unfortunately was not able to complete the whole approval process, and eventually dropped the idea. Fast forward 2 years later, COVID-19 struck, and I found myself back in the community, and with some time on my hands due to the situation then, I decided to continue work on “Infinite Flight Alliance”, but shortly after, I realised that the previous MHVA had shut and I “ditched” Infinite Flight Alliance and decided to form a brand new Malaysia Airlines Virtual instead. It was not easy single handedly making a crew center, website, Slack workspace and VA thread, and there were times that I wanted to give up, but I didn’t as I did not want to see all the effort I had already put in go to waste. Finally, on June 26 2020, Malaysia Airlines Virtual officially became a IFVARB approved VA. A few months later, we unfortunately experienced some setbacks, such as the crew center going up and down for over a month. However, with the help of my staff, we managed to salvage the situation by investing some money into a all in one website & crew center, which we recently launched last week. In addition, for the past 6 months of this VA’s operations, the staff team has reflected on points of interest, and we aim to eliminate major points of interest and to bring a better quality of life as a whole. As such, we have made a number of small, as well as major changes to the VA. Lastly, before I end, I would like to thank each and everyone of you, our pilots, the IFVARB and the community for their continuous support which, if it weren’t for you, we would not be where we are today.

*Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)*
*Malaysia Airlines Virtual*

We look forward to seeing you join in 2021, and in doing so, help us grow and be the leading Virtual Airline on the community.

Best Regards,
Staff of Malaysia Airlines Virtual