Featured Routes: 19 April - 25 April

posted by Nicholas Tan on 2021-04-18

Featured Routes: 19 April - 25 April

The flight must be flown on the Expert Server, and you must fly it on that specific day. Make sure to include “Featured Route” in the comments when filing a PIREP! All featured routes gives you 1.5× of of flight time. If the route that you are flying has multiple legs, you are eligible for a 1.25× additional bonus (only if you have flown all legs)

Rank restrictions do not apply, however if your flight is beyond your rank, you are not entitled to a 1.5× flight multiplier.

ULR Routes (MH8800-MH8899) is not featured when "All routes in database" is featured. A new day starts from 0600Z (2pm MYT).

To be eligible for the Airline Of The Week multiplier, you must be of rank.

Airline Of The Week:

Philippines Airlines

This week is choice week! As we look ahead to the future this ATC schedule dedicates each of the 10 days to one of the new assignable regions coming to Infinite Flight’s ATC team (IFATC). We’ll dive into that region, explore it’s most notable airports, and share a glimpse of what is to come!

Monday: [3] Canada

Fly any routes in the Canada region on this day!

Tuesday: [8] Middle East

Fly any routes in the Middle East region on this day!

Wednesday: [10] Oceania

Fly any routes in the Oceania region on this day!

Thursday: [4] Central/South America

Fly any routes in the Central/South America region on this day!

Friday: [5] Europe West

Fly any routes in the Europe West region on this day!

Saturday: [9] Asia

Fly any routes in the Asia region on this day!

Sunday: Infinite Flight's 10th Anniversary:

To celebrate Infinite Flight's 10th Anniversary, all routes flown on this day are open to all ranks (including ULR) and eligible for a 3x multiplier!