Featured Routes: 26 April - 1 May

posted by Nicholas Tan on 2021-04-26

Featured Routes: 26 April - 1 May

The flight must be flown on the Expert Server, and you must fly it on that specific day. Make sure to include “Featured Route” in the comments when filing a PIREP! All featured routes gives you 1.5× of of flight time. If the route that you are flying has multiple legs, you are eligible for a 1.25× additional bonus (only if you have flown all legs)

Rank restrictions do not apply, however if your flight is beyond your rank, you are not entitled to a 1.5× flight multiplier.

ULR Routes (MH8800-MH8899) is not featured when "All routes in database" is featured. A new day starts from 0600Z (2pm MYT).

To be eligible for the Airline Of The Week multiplier, you must be of rank.

Airline Of The Week:

Garuda Indonesia

This week is choice week, yet again! As most of you know by now, this is the last ever ATC schedule posted, so we're giving you a chance to fly anywhere in the world, for the last time! Stay tuned as we announce our new #featured-routes system in time to come.

Monday - Sunday: Choice Week!

All routes, including ULR routes, can be flown by any rank.

Happy flying!